Inspired by the Big Apple, on the pulse of the Big Smoke – we redefine the modern-day Pilates inspired workout that captures New York’s resilience and drive, tailored to the London lifestyle.

The training is performed on a large custommade resistance-based machine. ‍Each class is 50-minutes long and starts with a warm-up, followed by a full body high intensity workout and completed by a stretch and a mindfulness session allowing for a full reset.

The mind is at the forefront of the class. We believe that a strong mind is the key to a strong body. Transform your mind into a “yes I can” attitude and the results will speak for themselves. The instructor is always there to motivate and lead you all the way through. Just remember to keep the movements slow and the energy high!

Transformer Pilates Studio

With the lights turned low, and the music cranked high, exhilarating beats pulsate from our urban loft style studio centered around our custom made KARVE transformer machines. Configurable and accessible, offering a range of resistance levels to create your unique KARVE experience, our signature method leverages our machines. Powered by our high energy and passionate instructors, our studio experience will transform your body and mind with carefully cultivated and expertly executed Pilates-based sequences, leading to maximum results. With just 12 machines, our 50-minute class is designed to motivate you to surpass your goals.


A wellbeing haven created to support our clients busy lifestyles. Replicating the eclectic streets of Manhattan’s Soho with a serene spa vibe, the club offers a café and some work spaces. Whether its a business meeting over a post-workout shake or just a catch up with a friend, our space will quickly become an extension of your healthy lifestyle.

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